Drone Video & Photography


Southeast Michigan // Out of State Available


Michigan Aerial Advertising

Sandpiper-Air LLC
provides Aerial Drone Video and Photography services.

What’s different about Sandpiper-Air? We take a filmmaker approach to our projects. We also provide post-production services with ready-to-air, ready-to-share/print with an emphasis on creativity and professionalism for any market. Alternatively we can simply provide you with the raw files for your media person in a format of your choice.

Aerial Drone Photography and Video is an ideal service for real estate agents, industry and city/town film shorts, event coverage, construction progress video/photo reports as well as industrial inspections, roof inspections and more.

Land Videography Service
for walkthroughs, restaurants/business film shorts.

We also have broadcast quality land video and sound equipment to integrate with our packages in order to provide a completely immersive air-to-ground-to-air visual and audio experience. (Indoor and Outdoor).

We do NOT specialize in portrait style photography or real estate stills (aside from aerial) so as not to be viewed as competition by the very talented still photographers we align ourselves with.

With over 20 years of experience in media such as web, graphic design and print, we provide the services of post production for our photography by color correcting & color grading, as well as enhancing video footage by adding license free music and sound effects, or even special effects.

We create cinematic, potentially viral film shorts for your restaurant, business, event, wedding, town or town landmark (Park, Beach, Lighthouse, Roman Colosseum…).

Many other media related services are also available through Sandpiper-Air’s “Flat-Hat Studio“. Same business, different hat.

We do travel. Contact us or inquire.
FAA Pt. 107 Licensed Pilots | FAA Registered | Insured

Sandpiper-Air has a ground crew!
Behind the scenes after the take, we do business as the less visible “Flat-Hat Studio” (a DBA).

Flat-hatters in the 1940s were pilots that flew close to the ground at high speeds.
(sort of like a drone, hmm).

Flat-Hat Studio (formerly POC Media), provides the services of post production for our aerial photography and videos as well as non-related graphic, print & web media projects.