Sandpiper-Air LLC was founded by myself, Rick Saterstad. Years prior, back in 1998 when the internet was new, I had started POC Web Services (POC Media).

I gained much experience in running a small design studio specializing in website design, web hosting, promotion, e-commerce and then eventually print services. There were many years of ups-and-downs, e.g., the 2007 dotcom bust and so on. We adjusted and moved on.

POC never went away, It never got as big as it was back in the web’s explosive growth years, but I didn’t want it to. Sandpiper-Air’s, “Flat-Hat Studio” absorbed the clients seamlessly upon the creation of this company.

My decision to make this bold business decision in 2020 was inspired by much of what inspired me to begin POC back in 1998. Exciting new Technology and a burning desire to be part if it.

Drone technology is a relatively new industry and it’s services, even during the last year or so with the challenges we all have faced, are a much desired and needed service. Anything from aerial shots or videos of a wedding that helps compliment a couple’s keepsake portfolio on their special day, winter roof inspections for insurance and roofing companies to insure the safety of inspectors, LiDAR or Thermal equipped drones for mapping, agriculture, forest fire management and environmental assessment to thermal drones for search and rescue. Realtors now commonly hire drone pilots to add aerial photos and videos to further enhance their prized listings. Watch just about every movie, TV show, music video or commercial. So much aerial footage. The list is endless.

I wanted to approach this industry and put together a company that is polished, runs by the book, professional, fun to work with, affordable, and one that provides a beautiful and creative product when given the opportunity, & accurate hi-resolution inspection photos where needed.

It’s an exciting new industry. And I wanted part of it.
Now I am part of it. Myself and just a small team of others with a similar passion and vision.
Now, we want to bring it to you!
Welcome to Sandpiper-Air, and thank you.
~Rick Saterstad