Aerial Photo & Video


Aerial photography and video enables our clients to incorporate an undeniable aesthetic dimension to the branding of their project or event.

A great service for Real Estate Photographers, Agencies & Agents, as well as Marketing Firms & Web/Media Companies, Filmmakers, News/Event Coverage, Construction Companies and those requiring hi-resolution inspections such as Insurance Companies and Roofing Contractors.
The possibilities are endless and the sky is no longer the limit!


  • Real Estate – Compliment your top listings by integrating a video of both air and interior walk-through of the entire property combining our drones and land stabilized videos, as well as nearby aerial features such as parks, lakes and other landmarks as part of your presentation.
  • Town Reels & Town Highlights – We capture both photo and video of an entire town or a landmark feature of the town you may be promoting, such as a beach, park, or any other unique attraction to your area.
  • Business & Industry Reels – Combining both aerial and land footage we offer a unique & seamless visual walkthrough/fly-through of your establishment.
    (For Real Estate, or Business “film shorts”, we can offer a unique aerial “fly-down and through view” of the property, entering the business or residence with a complete video tour of the entire property providing a seamless air-to-ground-to-air experience for your audience. This can include post production special effects, music licensing and voice-over capabilities.)
  • Weddings – We work with the photographer to capture important highlights of the couple’s special day for a unique, movie like viewing experience.
  • Marketing – Whether you’ve just remodeled a business, or are a new business or simply wish to have a fun business film short. Or perhaps simply need aerial stills for a new brochure, aerial photos and videos will add a level of interest to your project.
  • News & Events – We coordinate with local networks and newspaper/web media companies to cover events from the air for things like parades, festivals, races and more. We are also investing into “live broadcast” technology.
  • Indoor Drone Videos – Offers a unique perspective for larger estates with tall ceilings, furniture stores, car dealerships, factories, churches clubs…
  • Night Drone Operations (new 2021) – FAA amended the 107 rules, and we are now licensed to create nighttime photos and videos.
  • Tower Inspections – Hi-resolution close-up inspection of bridges, cell phone towers and antennae. This is often ideal to insure the safety of your crew for nests (birds, bees…) or other wildlife so as to avoid confrontation 100’s of feet from the ground. We can also spot a color coded tagged or frayed line.
  • Construction – Scheduled or periodic site inspections and progress reports of a project underway, or aerial visuals for a potential project.
  • Insurance Companies & Roofers – Commercial or residential roof inspections, storm damage for insurance companies and roofing contractors.
  • TV & Film – Supplement your ground crew for commercials, movies, event coverage for network television etc. Our equipment features cameras with the ability to match your resolution, frame rate of choice/shutter speeds, ISO…

Sandpiper-Air offers land based broadcast quality video uniquely integrated to aerial video to offer a seamless immersive experience to your audience.

Note to Professional Still Photographers
(Real Estate/Wedding etc.):

While we do provide still aerial photography, we do not specialize in ground based still photography, only video. We do not wish to compete with the very people we look to align ourselves with. We are looking to be able to provide only videography and cinematography. We truly hope you can become part of our team, and us, part of yours.